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What is Cosmetic Dermatology?

(Links to information regarding specific cosmetic procedures and cosmeceuticals are available further down this page.)

Aesthetic or cosmetic dermatology focuses on improving appearance.  Whereas “medical dermatology” addresses disorders of the skin and emphasizes the cure or management of disease, “cosmetic dermatology” stresses appearance. These things often overlap. Many medical conditions such as acne, rosacea, and various pigmentary disorders can significantly affect appearance and require treatment plans which include cosmetic as well as medical objectives. Most surgeries have cosmetic considerations.  But the term “cosmetic dermatology” usually refers to Anti-Aging Treatments, Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals, and Appearance Enhancement Therapies.

Most cosmetic services and procedures offered by a dermatologist can be placed in one of following categories.

Anti-Aging Treatments:

Botox, chemical peels, dermal fillers, and laser treatments.

Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals:

Vitamin A analogs (retinoids), antioxidants (vitamins C and E, green tea etc.), growth factors, melanin(pigment) inhibitors, and peptides.

Appearance Improvement Therapies:

Brown spot removal, laser hair removal, spider vein and birthmark removal, cosmetic mole removal, and skin tag removal.

What is the Difference between a Cosmetic Dermatologist and a Medical Dermatologist?

In terms of certification by the American Board of Dermatology, there is no distinction between medical dermatologists and cosmetic dermatologists.  (Please see our page “Medical Dermatology” for a discussion of the extensive training that all dermatologists must receive in order to be “board certified.”)

All dermatologists are very much aware that cosmetic outcomes can often be just as important as medical outcomes in terms of promoting the well being of their patients.  All dermatologists practice both medical and cosmetic dermatology to some extent, but the emphasis the physician places on one or the other can vary.  Some dermatologists choose to be identified as either “medical” or “cosmetic” in order to communicate their main area of interest.

Dr. Hodge has always prided herself on being both a “medical dermatologist” and a “cosmetic dermatologist.”  Dr. Hodge enjoys taking care of all her patients’ dermatologic needs, both medical and cosmetic.  She understands that “looking their best” is important to her patients and believes passionately that appearance and self-image are critical to her patients’ well being.  Dr. Hodge is fortunate to have been well trained in cosmetic procedures, beginning with her dermatology residency (which included an almost unprecedented degree of cosmetic training) and has continued to this day with virtually nonstop continuing education.

Dr. Hodge possesses a strong aesthetic sense, with a well-developed understanding of which cosmetic procedures will most benefit a particular patient.  Dr. Hodge prefers a healthy, youthful, and natural appearance.  She does not like results that seem “overdone.”  Dr. Hodge knows from years of experience that cosmetic services and procedures, when utilized appropriately, can significantly improve appearance and enhance patient well being.  She loves the process of working with patients to help them look their best.  She loves the science behind lasers.  She is a wizard with a Botox needle and an artist when using fillers.  You can trust Dr. Hodge to advise you how to best enhance the beauty you already possess.

Cosmetic Dermatology Services Offered

Some of the services and procedures available at Dr. Julie A. Hodge’s practice are listed below.  Many are linked to additional information.  (Please check back in the future as we continue to add and improve linked information.)

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